What you eat helps you avoid it or live well with it!

In Ngaire’s trademark engaging and easy-reading style in this book she unravels the complex science of nutrition and brain health.

Eat To Cheat Dementia expands on the healthy brain chapter in the first book, summarising the latest research on what we can do to reduce our chance of cognitive decline and dementia, but also provides an invaluable resource for those living with a dementia diagnosis and the people who care about them. It provides practical strategies and advice to keep people enjoying independent lives as long as possible.
This is a book for anyone wanting to know where the science of maximising brain health is at and what can be done to head off future cognitive decline.
It is well known that currently there is no guaranteed way to avoid dementia nor is there yet a cure. But there is an immense amount that can be done. Eat To Cheat Dementia provides an understanding of the factors at play and how you can choose food to greatly benefit the health of your brain as well as your body to help keep it at bay.
But as well this is a book for those who are living with a dementia diagnosis, those they care about and who care about them. It provides a wealth of information, advice and strategies to help those living with dementia continue to enjoy maximum independence and quality in life and when they require additional assistance to be able to eat and enjoy food that is enticing as well as nourishing.

The Author

This new book by Ngaire Hobbins follows on from the success of her previous book, Eat To Cheat Aging.

Ngaire Hobbins is a fully qualified and widely experienced dietitian passionate about encouraging people to relish great food in order to get the most out of life.
Ngaire has worked in many and varied areas of nutrition, including hospitals and in private practice and spent a number of years within the food industry focussing on developing clear communication between producers and consumers on the food value and qualities of their products. Out of these experiences has grown her deep appreciation of the benefits and pleasures of real food.

During her long career, Ngaire has become inspired to counter the poor awareness of the unique nutritional needs of our bodies in our senior years so that we can thrive instead of suffering unnecessary physical and mental frailty and decline.

“When you really think about it, pretty much everything you hear about health on radio and TV, in magazines and newspapers and even from lots of health professionals, is aimed at younger adults,’ says Ngaire. “Of course it’s absolutely critical that people do all they can to help themselves live active, healthy lives and that doesn’t change as you get older. But your body changes, and with that your nutritional needs. This is rarely taken into account when messages about health and diets are promoted.”

Ngaire has now written two books that translate the science of nutrition and ageing into language accessible to the everyday reader. They are based in her clinical experience and provide sensible, practical advice to all as well as an excellent resource for anyone working in aged or community care or caring for an older family member or friend.


Peter Lipski“I commonly see frail elderly people with multiple co-morbidities including dementia, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, heart disease, gait and balance disorders who have associated severe malnutrition. Ngaire’s book is a very practical approach [with] easy steps to eliminate those risks and improve nutrition and health.”
Peter Lipski
Consultant Physician in Geriatric Medicine Director of Geriatric Medicine – Brisbane Waters Private Hospital Conjoint Associate Professor Newcastle University
Dr Jane Tolman“We are very lucky. This book is important for every older person, but also for each and every one of us as we relentlessly progress toward old age. We are what we eat. If we are to age well, we need to set down the framework now. Diet is simply critical to being healthy, to functioning well, and to dealing with the physical and mental stresses of our lives. For those in old age already and for those caring for them, there will be many new insights, and the reintroduction of some concepts we have forgotten or neglected. This book should be part of the library of every health professional, every person caring for an older friend or relative, and for every older person. We should read it, share it and put it into practice. I congratulate Ngaire on an important achievement.“
Dr Jane Tolman
Clinical Associate Professor Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre

“Food was, and is my inspiration … Sharing meals is one of life’s great pleasures – I want people to live long and healthy lives being able to do that.”

Start, it is easier than you think!

Everything starts with a first step. This book will help you making this step, into a new future!


Easy to understand

It applies most to people from their late 60s on, but is important reading for those heading there in the next decade or so and it’s a valuable resource for health professionals with an interest in geriatrics as it’s a thorough overview of the current science in this area, albeit written in consumer language.

Enjoy your life

Older people value continued independence and engagement in life as they age highly and this book aims to gives them the understanding and guidance to achieve that.

Plan ahead

It covers issues with appetite, providing a range of strategies to cope when it falters. It discusses bodyweight and what to aim for in later age, diabetes when older and gives advice on eating to prepare for surgery and to recover from illness or accident.

Expand your Knowledge

Eat To Cheat Dementia is the result of years in practice combined with a thorough review of the nutritional science in ageing but it’s written for the everyday reader.

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